April 2018

We are proud to announce that we are now distributing the Carus Connect lamps. These smart LED lamps are powered by Casambi and therefore can be controlled via Bluetooth low energy.  These lamps achieve a colour temperature range from 2.200K – 4.500k with a CRI value of >95.


With the Connect series, the light can be controlled individually through the Casambi app. The colour temperature can be changed through the app enabling individuals to choose between a relaxing atmosphere in the evening or an efficient working environment. 
Not only can the colour temperature be changed but these lamps can also be dimmed.


As this is a Casambi enabled product users can benefit from the circadian rhythm function. It allows automatic colour temperature management for regular scenes by using a response graph that spans the hours of day on horizontal axis and colour temperature on vertical axis. Tap on the “gauss curve” icon on the settings of regular scenes to access circadian.

When circadian is enabled for scene it will look up the colour temperature from the response graph when scene is activated, and after that every minute. Note that it can be used simultaneously with daylight control.

These lamps come in E14 & E27 sockets and a 3 year guarantee.