May 2018

OEMs spend months and sometimes years developing their perfect luminaire from light source to heat sink. Choosing the best light source and the wrong optic solution will end in a luminaire that does not fit the brief. Off the shelf lenses can be a cost effective way of diffusing your light source however you may be compromising on your ideal beam angle or overall design.

Did you know that LedLink can support you and your projects with the development and manufacture of a custom lens which would be unique to your business? LedLink is the largest manufacturer of lenses in the world producing 28 million pieces a month. They have a wealth of knowledge to help you produce your ideal lens.


LedLink have a large tooling department which includes 12 tooling engineers and a total of 280 employees. Tooling is such a key element of any manufacturing process and these engineers are experts in their field Рnot only does this experience help reduce cost but it also helps reduce lead times.

Ledlink have a monthly capacity of 100-120 sets of new mould and have a number of precision tooling machines and measuring equipment.

Once you are happy with your tool then we would move forward with production.

Ledlink have a variety of machines including injection molding machines, These are equipped with robot arms and transporting rack.

What is the process to manufacture a custom lens?