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Holders Technology Announce the Launch of Holders Technology Data Analytics


Holders are pleased to announce the launch of Holders Technology Data Analytics. This exciting new joint venture between Holders Technology Plc and Senson BV (holding company of Sentistic BV), will provide data visualisation and valuable insights based on data from the Casambi wireless lighting control system, as well as other third party data sources.  Access to a Holders API is also possible for integration to client’s BMS.

Victoria Blaisdell, Group Managing Director of Holders Technology Plc said, “We are very happy to be announcing this joint venture with Sentistic and believe that our solution provides customers with an easy way to manage their data requirements in any building.”  Justin Groot, Managing Director of Sentistic BV commented, “The Casambi wireless infrastructure provides a secure and risk free backbone to enable data collection and analytics in any building, for both lighting and non lighting applications.  We look forward to working with Holders in this joint venture.”

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Stephane Dubois starts with Holders in France


Holders are very pleased to announce that Stéphane Dubois will be working in France, as part of the Holders’ team to focus on expanding our Casambi sales activities.  Mat Hanson, Sales Director for Holders said, ‘We are very excited to be working with Stéphane in the French market.  This is a great opportunity for Holders and we are happy to be further increasing our geographical presence across Europe.’  Please contact Stephane at with any enquiries.


Holders Launch Holders Technology Austria GmbH


Holders are pleased to announce the launch of Holders Technology Austria GmbH.  The company will focus on the marketing and promotion of all Casambi related business, by offering a complete range of Casambi ecosystem products as well as all required project services.  The company will offer these products and services to the Austrian, Swiss, Czech and Slovakian markets.

The company is a joint venture between Holders Technology Plc, Exceedation Sales GmbH and Florian Weithaler.  Victoria Blaisdell, Group Managing Director of Holders Technology Plc commented; ‘ We’re thrilled to be extending the geographical coverage of our Casambi business and working with both Gerhard Rieser and Florian Weithaler, in order to achieve this.’  Gerhard Rieser, Managing Director of Exceedation Sales said, ‘The lighting industry is moving closer to a more connected digital world and we are very excited to be part of this great opportunity and working closely with our technology partner, Casambi‘.

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Holders have entered into a distributor agreement with McWong International, a leading innovator in Bluetooth® mesh technology.

20th February 2020

Holders have joined forces in a partnership to distribute McWong’s Bluetooth mesh products in the UK and European markets.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Holders Technology,” notes Blane Goettle, McWong Vice President. “We recognize the UK and European markets are eager to implement IoT-based lighting solutions, so it’s a great fit for our Bluetooth mesh solutions. Because McWong values customer support and collaboration so highly, partnering with Holders is a natural fit as they demonstrate similar values.”

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Holders partnership with Harvard Power Systems

17th February 2020

Following the recent return of the Harvard brand to the LED driver market, Holders are delighted to announce the signing of a sales and technical partnership primarily focussing on the advanced “CLi” product platforms. Harvard’s Managing Director Mark Needham commented,
“This partnership brings a great opportunity to us both and we are keen to support Holders in providing best service and product backup. With further interesting developments on the horizon, I am excited to be involved in this project and look forward to our future working relationship.”

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People count the most-that’s why we’re building our talented team.

Holders are busy recruiting for growth and we’re proud to announce the successful appointment of four members to our technical team! It’s vital that we grow the technical support side of our business for both lighting controls and lighting solution sectors. Our latest technical recruits include Scott Fowler, Brodie Irvine, Frank Vlcek and Christoph Gassel.

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Carus Wins at Lux Awards 2018

Lighting for a Circular Economy Award

Carus was announced as the winner for the Lighting for a Circular Economy Award for exceptional achievement in the recycling of lamps and luminaires. Carus pride themselves on their sustainability credentials and this is a huge credit to all their work on this matter.


EnOcean and Silvair partner on controls for Bluetooth-connected LED lighting.

30th May 2017 – LEDs Magazine

EnOcean is launching wireless switches based on kinetic energy harvesting that will work with emerging Bluetooth Mesh networks and is partnering with Silvair for a low-power network implementation.

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MechaTronix Forecasts Bright Future for LED Grow Lights – TILS 2017

18th April 2017 – LedInside

As LED lighting technologies continue to advance, the demand for efficient thermal solutions has increased drastically. In addition, high power LEDs have triggered manufacturers to redesign heat sinks to make them more compact and have better heat dissipation. To better understand the development trends of thermal solutions, LEDinside interviewed Koen Vangorp, General Manager of Taiwan-based MechaTronix, at the 2017 Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS).

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Why Casambi won and what it means for lighting controls.

7th December 2016 – LuxReview

At this year’s Lux Awards a little known company from Helsinki took away the coveted Controls Product of the Year Award. Given that lighting control is being feted as the next big thing, what happened there? With so many of the big beasts also in the field, what is it that gave Casambi the edge and what does it mean for the future of lighting control?

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