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Van Gogh Museum Installs LED Lighting with Xicato Control and Monitoring Solution.

9th June 2017 – Solid State Lighting Design

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam hosts the world’s largest collection of works by Vincent van Gogh. In addition, the museum features traveling exhibitions of other artists and collections. Since January 2017, the museum has been converting about 1300 light points, including the lighting of the Mesdag Collection in The Hague, to Xicato Intelligent Modules with Bluetooth control (XIM Gen4).

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EnOcean and Silvair partner on controls for Bluetooth-connected LED lighting.

30th May 2017 – LEDs Magazine

EnOcean is launching wireless switches based on kinetic energy harvesting that will work with emerging Bluetooth Mesh networks and is partnering with Silvair for a low-power network implementation.

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MechaTronix Forecasts Bright Future for LED Grow Lights – TILS 2017

18th April 2017 – LedInside

As LED lighting technologies continue to advance, the demand for efficient thermal solutions has increased drastically. In addition, high power LEDs have triggered manufacturers to redesign heat sinks to make them more compact and have better heat dissipation. To better understand the development trends of thermal solutions, LEDinside interviewed Koen Vangorp, General Manager of Taiwan-based MechaTronix, at the 2017 Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS).

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Why Casambi won and what it means for lighting controls.

7th December 2016 – LuxReview

At this year’s Lux Awards a little known company from Helsinki took away the coveted Controls Product of the Year Award. Given that lighting control is being feted as the next big thing, what happened there? With so many of the big beasts also in the field, what is it that gave Casambi the edge and what does it mean for the future of lighting control?

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