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The Xicato XIM Generation 4 (XIM Gen4) is the first and so far only LED lighting module to integrate the industry’s best light source, driver, and wireless control system with Bluetooth® beacons capability, all in a 50mm unit. XIM Gen4 will fundamentally change the way you think about lighting control and smart spaces, with consequential impact on the lighting industry and your business.

XIM Gen4 puts the brush back in the hand of the artist. Powerful, and yet so easy to use that it enables lighting designers to take control of their vision, allowing them to provision their designs from within the lit space. Light system manufacturers can now capture the value of the control system, since it is built into their fixtures. Lighting system engineers and integrators can triple their productivity. And end users have complete flexibility to configure and reconfigure their spaces without worrying about wiring or complex controllers.

The XIM Gen4 shares LES, CRI, CCT, lumen output, and wired control options with the standard XIM… with the addition of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) control to DALI or 1-10V.

Xicato XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit

The Xicato XIM Gen4 Evaluation Kit (part number XSA-501) allows lighting designers and end users to experiment with the deep functionality of the Xicato Intelligent Module with Bluetooth. Download the free Xicato XIMtroller application from the Apple iTunes App Store and Control the lights using your iOS device. Request the free Xicato Control Panel software for more powerful functionality: Set power-on behaviour. Create groups and scenes. Activate iBeacons, Eddystone (URI) beacons and Alt beacons. Create schedules. Configure the lights to respond individually to multiple sensors and/or to each other. And monitor module operating data such as intensity, LED temperature, total operating hours, on/off cycles, input power, voltage, and more.

The XSA-501 is available from us and includes two XIM Gen4 modules mounted to small heat sinks, with 48V DC wall-plug power supply unit, optics and a BlueGiga BLE USB dongle. The kit requires that you download the Xicato XIMtroller iOS app from the Apple iTunes App Store and/or the Xicato Control Panel software directly from Xicato.

XIM Gen 4 evaluation kit