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Vimar design develop and manufacture a range of high quality switches. The ranges are made in Italy with a unique blend of top quality styling and first class technology.
Switches are offered in a wide range of finishes in contemporary and luxurious materials like leather, solid wood or carved stone.


Other benefits include:

No batteries

Vimar wireless switches use kinetic energy powered by pressing the switch, so that you don’t need any batteries.

Can be positioned anywhere

Because there is no requirement for the Vimar wireless switches to be cabled, they can be placed wherever they are needed.

Flexible control

Vimar switches can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, all luminaires in a network or scene.

Vimar wall switches create instant lighting solutions that meet and transcend building codes, thus delivering highly customizable, cost-effective, wirelessly controlled lighting environments of all types.

These switches can be used as part of a Casambi system. Holders offer the Plana  Arke and Eikon ranges.