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High bay cooling options are required for both indoor scenarios and outdoors and MechaTronix has reflected these needs with their vast range.

MechaTronix is the proud owner of over 10 patents in this world of LED high bay luminaires. The luminaires that are tilted over a certain angle need to be optimised to convect the cooling and optimise the air flow in that condition. Moreover there is sometimes a need for IP67 waterproof design and/or a specific surface treatment to withstand the environment they are exposed to.

CoolBay High Bay Coolers

The patented CoolBay® High Bay Cooler might look from the outside as a normal extruded LED Cooler, but is actually a state-of-the-art heat pipe cooler for high density power sources. In the heart of the cooler, the patented CoolTube® heat column is embedded, which guarantees the fastest heat transport ever from a small LED source. In this way we can cool down powerful COB or LOB LED engines as high as 30.000 lumen. Starting from a small light source has an enormous advantage when you look at the photometric objectives. The biggest advantage of these high bay designs over UFO designs is the perfect optical controls you get. With the small LES area of the COBs or LOBs the combined lenses give you a perfect light image, from an installation as high as 20 meters to a low ceiling with specific batwing lenses. An extra advantage of this approach is the very low glare that is achieved.

CoolBlock LED Cooler

With 3 off-the-shelf available pin fin coolers, all aiming at industrial or horticulture lighting projects, MechaTronix offers the most comprehensive range of standard LED engines ever developed.

Main product features:

  • All the CoolBlock® LED Coolers are designed for full passive LED cooling – no fans or other moving parts are needed.
  • The CoolBlock® LED Coolers are always developed in conjunction with existing optics which fit the use in industrial or horticulture applications. Special beam angles are available in these lenses, like beam shapes for street lighting, flood light or batwing lenses for horticulture projects.
  • Once the lenses are fixed on the CoolBlock® and the back side is sealed with the CoolConnect® gland, the complete engine is IP67 ingress waterproof protected.
  • All CoolBlock® models are finished with an e-coating finish, this makes them resistant to sulfides, UV, acids and other materials often seen in these environments.
  • And last but not least – each CoolBlock® stands for maximized thermal performance.

CoolBeam Mounting Kits

Designed around the CoolBlock® 2x2MX platform, these kits offer an easy integration of multiple units to create your next high bay, industrial flood light or horticulture top light project. As the Led engines with the CoolBlock® 2x2MX are already IP67 ingress waterproof, the design of the CoolBeam® could be kept as an open structure, allowing an optimized free air convection. The CoolBeam® kits allow assembly from 3 all the way up to 12 units.

CoolCube Advanced LED Coolers

This state-of-the-art heat pipe cooler has a thermal resistance Rth of just 0.1K/W, this cooler creates up to 100.000 lumen of white light, or 2.000μmol/s in the horticulture PAR spectrum.

The heart of the CoolCube® is a sophisticated quadruple COB or LOB LED engine platform, with 16 sintered heat pipes transporting the heat to a stack fin structure. The CoolCube® is designed from an overall limited width perspective (width of just 20cm), this makes it ideal for greenhouse horticulture for daylight extension and supplemental lighting with a limited shade footprint.

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