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Bluetooth 4CH push button interface

This Casambi switch module is designed to connect any ‘normal open’ push button to a Casambi network. Powered by a battery the Casambi switch module doesn’t need more cabling then the wires between the interface and the push buttons. 1 to 4 push buttons can be used and they can be configured in the app to control a lamp, a group of lamps, a scene/animation or just control all lamps in one press.
The box is small enough to fit within any wall box and the wires are a size that will fit any screw terminal. The Casambi switch module is compatible with all products that are compatible with the Casambi bluetooth network.
Each time a button is pressed the module will be activated for a few seconds and then goes automatically in a standby mode. This is in order to preserve the battery capacity. Battery status can be checked in the app on the ‘switches’ screen.
To ensure a long battery life this interface will not be active in the bluetooth mesh the whole time. This product cannot be used as a mesh ‘repeater’.

LedsGo Dimensions

Ledsgo Connection diagram


The Scemtec SC-TI-CAS is an input module up to 4 potential-free buttons. The devices is automatically recognised by the Casambi App and can be added to the exsisting network. The functions triggered by the buttons can be configured in the Casambi App.

The Casambi switch module is supplied with mains voltage and can be installed in a flush-mounted socket.