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Here at Holders we have a range of smart drivers from the following brands:


SwitchTech’s aim is to develop high quality digital LED drivers, using hybrid Cortex ARM microprocessors and only high quality components. All drivers offer a very long life to match the longevity of modern light engines.

What is a digital LED driver?

The entire driver is controlled only using microcontrollers and software therefore ensuring that all behaviours of the driver are modifiable and can be changed in real-time. Digital LED drivers use a common technology platform (STP) which allows for fast development of new products. Single EMC certification for platform and flexible behaviour enables control over EMI generation. These drivers also allows for quick and simple development of new features and communication protocols.

Advantages of using digital drivers:

  • Wide range of load voltage and current capabilities
  • Full power capability also at low voltages, eg 12V and 24V.
  • Each channel can handle the full power of the driver
  • Complete freedom of design when selecting LED chip configuration
  • Easy logistics, one driver fits the entire product range
  • High efficiency and power factor across entire power range
  • No drawbacks of using driver at lower than nominal power
  • Extension of hardware by modular extension approach, eg. UPS features
  • Extremely compact physical size
  • All current and voltage settings, re-configurable at client site by PC configurator, useful for small batches and special applications
  • Technical support in same time-zone for fast custom prototypes
  • UniTque control options for flexible dimming control solutions, one driver fits all projects!



The SSW60Q is a 60W dual channel digital LED driver.

Main Features:

  • Two independent output channels
  • 60W total and per channel power
  • 32 DIP settings, 75-2600mA in CC and 9V-48 V in CV mode
  • 2% output voltage and current accuracy
  • Very good dimming performance, very low flicker (<6% at 60W)
  • Easy to work, reliable pull stops, for flex-tube and cable included
  • 2x Push input, 1-10V, DALI and Casambi simultaneous dimming


  • High power, LED Stripes, 12V and 24V at 60W
  • Tunable white, COB or Stripe 60+60W
  • DALI device type 8, (Q2 2017)
  • Push control of tunable white
  • Combine any LED luminaire and several dimming methods
  • Light intensity or colour temperature feedback using sensor
  • 4,6 or 8 downlight configuration for low total system cost
  • Control and integrate with Bluetooth or DALI

Residential: combine luminaires, push switches and Bluetooth, 1-10V sensor and push

Hospitality: restaurants and hotels, grouping with Bluetooth, central control, integration with DALI

Office: tunable white, daytime scheduling, local control, app or push

Hospitals: tunable white with DALI, daylight scheduling

Retail: small form factor tracklight, tunable, shop scenarios.


Meanwell’s new BLE-LCM25, 40 and 60 Casambi integrated LED drivers are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. With a plastic housing and Class II design, these drivers enable Casambi control of luminaires and have a DIP switch configurable output which will be familiar to anyone who uses Meanwells LED driver products.

Working with Holders Components, Harvard Power Systems have integrated a Casambi node into its full range of CoolLED PRO CLi Series LED drivers whilst retaining all  high specification features in their ultra-compact size – the drivers are half the size of other lower technology drivers.

The CoolLED PRO CLi Series of Casambi-enabled LED drivers are available in 15W and 40W versions and are programmable from 100 to 1400mA. Specification rich, the CLi Series LED drivers provide smooth flicker-free dimming down to 0.1%, particularly desirable for aesthetic & display applications, whilst also allowing smooth Soft-On & Soft-Off functionality, offering enhanced comfort for interior and architectural applications.


CLi Casambi Drivers