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LedLink are a market leading manufacturer of optical solutions for the lighting industry. LedLink produce lenses that are compatible with a wide variety of LED brands.

We have a wide range of LedLink lenses offering varying beam angles. Here are a few examples – please get in touch for the full range.

The CEW series

Used in a spotlight or downlight applications, the CEW series offers high efficiency in 3 beam angles – 120, 240 & 380– The CEW series has a 50mm diameter and offers optimized uniformity which can be applied to architectural lighting & commercial lighting scenarios.

The CRO Series

Used with linear LED strips and available in 2 beam angles – 600 & 900– the CRO series offers high efficiency & optimised uniformity.
These lenses can be used for indoor lighting and commercial lighting. The CRO lens is available in 280mm lengths.

The CFE Series

Similar to the CEW series, the CFE series offers 3 beam angles – 120, 240 & 380 . The CFE series has a 70mm diameter and with a metalised finish offers optimized uniformity demanded by architectural & commercial lighting scenarios.