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The Aimotion smart motion and brightness sensor is designed for flexible placement on furniture or shelving and controls your luminaires without the need for wiring.




The PSC-BL-M-FM-DCO-BLE- range from McWong is a Class 2 device designed to satisfy new CA title 24 requirements for bi-level dimming of lighting fixtures. Using a 1-10V signal the sensor is capable of dimming lighting loads down to 0%, 10, 25 or 50%.


Bi-level Dimming Fixture Mount Microwave Occupancy Sensor, Casambi


The McWong PSC-ND-I-CM-DC-BLE uses digital PIR Motion Detector Architecture and Quad Element passive infrared (PIR) technology for improved detection coverage for ceiling mount applications.


Wireless PIR Ceiling Mount Sensor, blue tooth enabled.


The PSC-DM-I-WS-BLE-xx Bluetooth mesh wall switches provide automatic lighting control for a variety of indoor applications. They can replace any standard single-pole wall switch.


Bluetooth Motion Sensor Dimmer Wall Switch.



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DANLERS Limited have released a new range of energy saving sensors configured by CASAMBI’s award winning, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless network software. DANLERS‘ Casambi enabled controls:
Automatically form a wireless mesh network

The lighting can be controlled via the Casambi app, push buttons and switches

Offer specifiers and installers flexible, cost effective energy saving solutions such as occupancy based control and/or light level control. Photocell settings and time out settings are fully adjustable via the Casambi app

Eliminates the need for new wiring as all devices communicate via BLE.

Ceiling Flush (CBU – CEFL)

This Danlers PIR sensor is suitable for easy mounting through a 73/75mm diameter hole into a ceiling void which is at least 78mm deep.

Offers a detection range of 7m diameter.

Plug-in, Directional (CBU-CEDRP/CBU-CEDRPLR)

These Danlers PIR sensors can plug into a ceiling mounted socket (not included). The socket can be mounted onto an appropriate BESA box.

The CBU-CEDRP has a detection range of 10m and the CBU-CEDRPLR has a detection range of 25m.


These Danlers PIR sensors can be mounted directly onto solid ceilings or onto a range of different mounting boxes.

The CBU-HBND has a detection range of 15m x 3m, the CBU-HBSP has a detection range of 5m diameter and the CBU-HBWD has a detection range of 28m.



These Casambi enabled PIR sensors have an IP66 rated weatherproof enclosure and can be ceiling mounted. Available in narrow and wide detection.


PIR Occupancy Detector & Photocell Module for mounting directly into manufacturers own luminaires

This CBU-MOD3M module is designed for building into luminaires or it can be mounted onto a Eurodata plate.


Lighting components from LIGALICHT are equipped with Casambi modules.

Casambi integrated motion detector suitable for mounting on third party 3 phase track adapters.

Battery operated, Casambi integrated motion detector for ceiling mounting. Powered by 2x. 3V DC AA batteries.

Battery operated, Casambi integrated motion detector for ceiling mounting. Powered by  240V AC or 12/24V AC/DC.