Casambi Bluetooth Controls >Outdoor devices

Dalcnet’s CBU Master Bus and Repeater.

Dalcnet’s CBU MASTER BUS & CBU REPEATER devices are IP66 rated use in outdoor or damp environments. The products can be specified as a Casambi repeater or as a Casambi to Dali or Casambi to DMX Master allowing for control of Dali and DMX devices via the Casambi app or other Casambi enabled hardware. An optional antenna kit is also available.


Olfer’s CAS-230-NEMA-DA controller.

The  CAS-230-NEMA-DA controller from Olfer is IP66 rated and allows the regulation and autonomous control of DALI devices (Drivers, electronic ballasts, etc.) in a simple way, without complex platforms or software and without need to use a hub or master device.


Nodon’s soft remote

Nodon’s Soft Remote provides Enocean powered Casambi control in a spill-proof and shockproof rubberized body with a magnetized back. Available in a range of vibrant colours.