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ModuLED LED Coolers

MechaTronix’s oldest and still extremely popular LED cooler series – the all versatile, full modular ModuLED Spotlight & Downlight coolers.

Key Features:

  • The perfect balance between conduction, convection and radiation, this series delivers the highest performance cooling when starting off from a COB as a light source.
  • The versatility of fixing locations means that you can use these heat sinks with any COB or LED engine.
  • Various models have been developed ranging from 47mm up to 152mm diameter in various heights enabling passive heatsinking of up to 16,000lm.

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CoolStar® Designer LED Star Coolers

MechaTronix’s latest creation of all-passive LED coolers for the spot and downlight market – designed from a designer perspective.

With its beautiful lines in mind we didn’t forget to go for the ultimate cooling experience – these series give you the most dense and compact designs ever seen in the market, guaranteeing a maximal use of space to cooling ratio.

These LED coolers are suitable for the following LED engines:
  • Luminus CXM
  • All circular Zhaga led engines and holders ( book 11 for the small diameters, book 3 for the bigger diameters)
  • Citizen CLU028, CLU038 ( For bigger diameters )
  • Xicato XTM, XIM
  • Bridgelux Vero, Décor series
  • Edison Opto Edipower III HE series

Black & White

Besides the black anodized versions which are commonly used, MechaTronix has also opted this time for a “pure white” electro-plating, with no loss of efficiency, as an option. This compliments high-end luminaire designs and blends with the mostly white designs of both the LED engines and the LED holders.


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