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Edison Logo

Edison Opto is a LED manufacturer which specialises in designing and producing Low and High power LEDs, LED strips and modules.

Edison Opto’s flexible multi-chip linear modules are available in a range of lengths and colours.

FPC 5630 is one example of the range that Edison offers. To see their entire range please visit their website.

FPC 5630

Edison LED Flexible Strip

PLCC Lightbar FPC R is a strip of lighting module available in varying colors. Its flexible circuit board not only enables novel design thinking with bendable light source, but also offers a wide range of applications with dividable lighting segments.


  • High Brightness SMD LED
  • Low Power Requirement & Energy Efficient
  • Suitable for Restricted Space


  • Auditorium Walkway Lighting
  • Stairway Accent Lighting
  • Cabinet Lighting