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A DIN rail mounted device, the Dalcnet DGD-DALI-CAS and DGD-DMX-CAS provide an interface between a Casambi network and either a conventional wired Dali or DMX system. Powered from a 12 to 48V DC supply, both devices are equipped with a local command (push button) programmable by the Casambi app to trigger a Dali or DMX event.



The Aria Jellyfish from PLH is a Casambi enabled, DIN RAIL (4 modules) interface with feedback LED and multi-voltage power supply. The Jellyfish has 4 inputs and 4 outputs for use with conventional wired lighting and AV control systems, blind controllers, relays and PWM dimmable devices.


EN1612 is an innovative interface compatible with Casambi. EN1612 uses a DALI compatible protocol to control up to 4 independent channels (4 lamps or 4 groups of lamps) from the Casambi App. EN1612 is also ideal for the low voltage track systems combined with Multidriver48, the new Entity’s DALI current driver 24-48V (art. ref. EN1572).