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FELA GmbH is a medium-sized and independent manufacturer and distributor of switches and printed circuit boards from southern Germany. FELA is expanding with investments in special technologies and intensive research and development in new processes The Systems division is responsible for the development and production of switches and input systems on glass. Due to the properties of the material, the capacitive sensor technology used offers  advantages because of the sealed material surface compared to previously used components. In addition, it has a high-quality and refined appearance.

The FELA/ Holders partnership offers highly versatile and architectural switches for Casambi wireless control project solutions. These high-quality switches give architects and designers previously unforeseen elegant solutions that integrate seamlessly into interiors using fine materials such as glass.

Other benefits include:

Flexible mounting

Fela offer options for either battery or mains powered version switches. This allows flexibility on mounting positions.

Flexible control

Fela switches can control individual luminaires, groups of luminaires, all luminaires in a network or scene.

Fela wall switches create instant lighting solutions that meet and transcend building codes, thus delivering highly customizable, cost-effective, wirelessly controlled lighting environments of all types.

These switches can be used as part of a Casambi system. Holders offer the 4 button Casambi switch which is entirely customizable in finishes and iconography.