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Meanwell’s new BLE-LCM25, 40 and 60 Casambi integrated LED drivers are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. With a plastic housing and Class II design, these drivers enable Casambi control of luminaires and have a DIP switch configurable output which will be familiar to anyone who uses Meanwells LED driver products.


Harvard are focused on the development of cutting edge products such as the CoolLED PRO series. This range is the pinnacle of driver technology for downlights and other architectural ranges. Innovative features include:


  • Very low flicker- less than 1% when dimmed.
  • Deep and smooth dimming as low as 0.1%, ideal for residential and hospitality applications.
  • Very low profile, designed to fit through the smallest cut outs.
  • Programmable- output can be tuned on 1 MA steps.
  • Wide flexibility of operation. Current can be programmed from 100-1000 MA. Output voltage can be from 2.5V up to 52V massively reducing the number of driver items it is necessary to stock.
  • Loop in/ Loop out terminals are available on 25W and 40W versions for ease of installation.
  • Drivers accept snap on terminal covers for remote mounting, or can be left with open terminal blocks for integral use, further reducing the number of SKUs required in stock.

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Holders are stockists for the complete Harvard range of drivers. Please contact your representative for further details.