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LPF LED Pin Fin Coolers

The MechaTronix LED Pin Fin spotlight and downlight Coolers guarantee the highest cooling to volume ratio. Pin Fin LED coolers are most of time used in spotlight applications, where the cooler is tilted over an angle inferior to 50 degrees. In that case extruded LED coolers start to underperform compared to the same variants in pin fin technology because of the blocked free air convection from the down part of the cooler. Never the less we see their use at both spot and down light applications, where under vertical positioning both technologies perform in a similar way. Although most LED Pin Fin Coolers look a bit familiar, their thermal performance can show tremendous differences – when the pin structure stands too close together, there will be insufficient thermal differences between the aluminium pin and the air in between, leading to reduced or complete nihil convection to the atmosphere. So more pins and more surface does not immediately lead to a better cooling – the secret of good pin fin coolers is a perfect balance between conduction of the heat, convection and radiation to the surroundings.

With 5 diameters from 35mm up to 11mm and over 20 different heights, we cover the whole white light spotlight and downlight portfolio from 600 lumen up to 7.000 lumen. The solid base of these pin fin coolers also allow you to design further mechanics into these, like screw thread for a cover cap or even a cavity to hold your complete reflector or lens. The LPF LED Pin Fin Coolers are available in black anodized surface finishing as well as in clear nature toned anodization.



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