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OptoDrive by Optoga LED-modules are dimmable and have various configuration possibilities for lenses and drivers. The AC LED modules are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, with a consistent formfactor over time.

These AC LED modules are designed with internal drivers and are therefore very easy to connect into applications with different dimming scenarios. The light output efficiency is the highest available on the market for these types of applications.

The Clara AC IP65 is a great example of the technology on offer from OptoDrive, to see their entire range please click here.

Clara AC IP65

Clara AC IP65 is designed for bollards, park lighting and bulk heads and can be integrated into environments that previously were not possible, since the LED module itself is water and moisture proof.
The idea is that instead of doing the whole luminaire moisture proof, we just do the places that are in need of moisture barriers secure. It’s about not closing in moisture, but always get it to be able to evaporate. Do not turn in moisture without opening up the structure so that the moisture can always evaporate.

Key features

• IP65 classed
• Based on Clara AC 24-LED
• No driver required
• No extra encapsulation needed

Find out more about Clara here.