Holders Smart Lighting

Casambi technology can provide the infrastructure and communications backbone to any building, with interfaces available to other lighting protocols, such as Dali. Once your Casambi wireless lighting solution has been installed and commissioned by Holders, you are able to take advantage of our Holders Smart Lighting, or Holders Smart building solutions. Both solutions use the Holders Analytics software and data tools, in order to deliver visualisations, as well as valuable and actionable insights.

Holders Analytics delivers lighting, energy and occupancy data to your device, anywhere in the world, from your Casambi controlled lighting. Data is presented in a powerful yet intuitive User Interface allowing monitoring and reporting of:

• Energy Usage

• Space Utilisation

• Lighting Levels

• Lighting & Network Faults



KPI Benchmarking Improved lighting control and planning
Diagnostics and fault notifications Energy efficiency and compliance
Reporting Reduction in maintenance and energy costs
Lighting control Better space utilisation monitoring and planning
Energy monitoring
Space utilisation