LED Solutions Provider


We are a total solutions provider to the European lighting industry. We are proud to work with the best brands in the market which offer cutting edge technologies. We don’t just provide the components, we offer advice and always put our customers’ interests first. Our years’ of experience within the lighting industry enables us to deliver end to end designs which will meet your project brief every time, creating luminaires which stand out from the rest. We are able to benefit from working with local European manufacturing and assembly partners for low volume production and/or our Far Eastern manufacturing partners for high volume production.


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How we do it

Idea Generation

We listen to your challenges and we can develop LED concepts that are suitable for your project.

We can cover electronic, optical, mechanic and thermal engineering.

The Best LED

We have a deep knowledge of LED technology and great brands to bring the best LED required for any project.


We can ensure that initial luminaire prototypes are with you when you need them ensuring that you can demonstrate your idea without delay.


Everything but the chassis

We can build luminaires bespoke to your project

LED selection – From Chip on Board to LED modules to strip lighting

Electronics – LED drivers, switched mode power supplies, smart lighting controls

Optics – LED lenses and reflectors and clips

Mechanics – 2D/3D CAD, PCB design, plastic parts

Thermal – Standard heartsinks and heatsink design and analysis


Holders Components Prototyping

Distributor of Components

Holders Components keeps a large variety of stock in its warehouses in the UK and Germany:

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